One of the most common trek: Kheerganga Trek

Places to visit: Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek

About Kheerganga Trek

The kheerganga trek is one of the most famous treks of Himachal Pradesh. It is located in the Parvati Valley also known as the Kullu Valley, the trek is peaked at an altitude of approximately 2950m. The mesmerizing beauty of this trek attracts a large number of tourists every year who do not leave without completing the Kheerganga Trek. I would recommend this as a must in everyone’s ‘places to visit’ list.

Detailed Trip Experience                                   

Day 1: Reaching Bhuntar and a day’s camping in Kasol

One can easily reach Bhuntar through personal transport or Volvo buses or even taking a flight that lands at the Kullu Airport. After reaching Bhuntar, a small town in Kullu, local transport can be taken to reach Kasol, which is approximately 2.5 hours ride.

Day 2: Camping at Kasol

Kasol is the most famous tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh and also another one to be ticked of your best places to visit checklist. Located at an altitude of 1580 m, it is a picturesque town and base of famous treks such as Kheerganga and Malana. Known for its famous cafes, the place is visited by travel enthusiasts from all over the world. Also for the campers who enjoy parties, there is a village called Chalal which is a 2 hours walk from Kasol. Chalal is a hub of trance parties that are held in forest location. The village also presents the visitors with scenic beauty accomapnied by the babbling river Parvati.

Day 3: Drive from Kasol to Barshaini to Kheerganga

After a day’s camping in the beautiful and serene Kasol, the next step of the trip is reaching Barshaini, which is the last place as far as where the road goes in Parvati Valley. It is the base of the Kheerganga trek. Many times travellers take a direct ride to Barshaini from Bhuntar. At Barshaini, the hiking begins for the Kheerganga Trek. While trekking through the beautiful landscape of the majestic Himachal Pradesh, the travelers pass through the trails of a few wooden bridges. The way also consists of  some slippery sections but the scenery is mesmerizing at all points.

Rudra Nag Waterfall

The Kheerganga trek also consists of several picturesque waterfalls, the most famous being the serpent-shaped waterfall called  Rudra Nag. There are also many other beautiful halts such as the villages Kalga and Pulga. After reaching Kheerganga you will see hot springs that are great to wash off the fatigue of the journey. The beautiful trek ends with camping at Kheerganga for the night where the eyes are treated to the magnificent view of the Himalayan peaks.

Day 4: Back to Barshaini and then Kasol

After a day of trekking to the beautiful Kheerganga, the last day of the trip consists of coming back to Kasol. The return journey is also as beautiful as the trek and we are once again treated to the majestic view of the Parwati Valley.

What to expect on this trek?

Kasol is one of the most famous travel destination of Himachal Pradesh. The Kheerganga Trek provides a full travel plan and in just 4 days we are able to grasp the whole Himachal package. If you have a few extra days in hand, you can also enjoy the sight seeing at another beautiful destination of Himachal, Manali.

Location and How to reach

If you are planning a road trip, via personal vehicle or buses the roads are perfectly fine. The option of AC buses is always available. The buses can be boarded from Delhi or Chandigarh.

If you want to cover the trip via air, you can board flights that will land at the Kullu Airport.

Difficulty level of Kheerganga Trek

 The difficulty level of the can be described as easy by those who regularly go on treks. It might be a bit difficult for someone who is doing it at the beginners level but if an individual is physically fit the trek can be easily done.

How to prepare for Kheerganga Trek?

Trekking is not that easy as it looks. Every trek is tiring and it needs a good physical and mental fitness.

Here are few tips that will help you during the trek.

  1. Running. If you do the regular workout or play a sport then it is great. If not then start running (at least 2-3 km or for half an hour) in the morning at least 2 weeks before the trek date. It doesn’t mean that if you do not run then you would not be able to complete the trek. Running and other exercises will increase your legs and thighs strength and you would be able to do the trek in a much better way and you will enjoy the trek more.
  2. Do Squats. This will strengthen your legs and calf muscles.
  3. Do Yoga. Running and other exercises are for increasing your muscle stength. To enhance your breathing strength, yoga is needed. Do alom–vilom, kapalbhati and other yogas which will increase your lungs strength.
  4. Last but not the least, be mentally fit. Mental fitness is more important than Physical fitness.

 Mobile network connectivity and ATMs

There are one or two ATMs in Kasol but it is risky to be dependent on them. It is better to move with cash in hand so as to not suffer once you are there.

The mobile connectivity in Kasol has improved over the years but while on the Kheerganga trek, there is no network coverage.

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