Hi There! We here at Bloggers Web, have made an attempt to bring to you a variety of topics. Like other blogging sites, we would not like to be stuck on a random blogging category. That is the very first aim. As a writer I have found the true meaning of the saying “a pen is mightier than a sword” and I am a 100% believer of the same. Just like any other wordpress blog the beginning has to be as simple as any but along the way I would like it to be something all you guys take interest in. Maybe you can even suggest the topics or discussions. So sit back and enjoy the ride.


My Story

I started writing at the age of 7. The first of my accomplishments in writing (or so I liked to believe) were merely watching the Harry Potter series and convering it to words. Not knowing that the books already existed, the idea of penning it down so that I can have it forever seemed facinating. That attempt is something I take pride in till date although as we grow up we tend to be lazy. I might not convert any movie to a book now but I surely love to convert the random ideas that float inside the mind. As i grew up I realised that platforms like WordPress give us a platform to write and creat our wordpress blog and let the world read it. That surely would have been a party for the 7 year old me. So beginning with the idea in mind and the passion to write, I would like to start this blog and I hope this journey holds a lot of great pathways for you to discover and also learn along the way. And so will I. Lets get started.